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Eucalyptus Wood Mubkhar With Green Resin Insert

Regular price 25 KWD
Regular price 25.000 KWD Sale price 25.000 KWD

Bring out the vibe in your living space with this beautiful, classy mubkhar. This unique piece is designed to add a simple, textured feeling to your home through its warm natural tones. It's the perfect statement piece for your home and as a gift.

• Each product is handcrafted and may have difference in colour or pattern

• Material: Eucalyptus wood and resin

• Black charcoal holder

• Dimension: 13cm x 15cm x 3.5cm

• Made in Kuwait


Kuwaiti wood-artist Aziz honors the beauty of his homeland's nature with these unique masterpieces. His dedication to sustainability and protection of the environment ensures only dead trees are used as raw material, and no harmful chemicals take part in the creation process, guaranteeing no toxic indoor emissions. With amazing talent and countless hours of work, a humble material is transformed into a luxurious masterpiece.