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Fanfan Gold Silk Clutch

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Like a special piece of jewelry, an Obi acts as a signature fashion statement, the focus point and final touch of the traditional Japanese outfit. We have selected the ones made out of the most precious silk fabrics and gold threads, to recycle then into gorgeous accessories. With an infinite variety of symbolic patterns, you are sure to find the ones that will truly reflect your personality and style. Each piece is unique and individually numbered.

A very playful pattern of multicolored fans, to bring a touch of youthfulness to your look.

• 26cm x 16cm x 3cm


Kyomai is originally a Japanese dance renowned for its grace and sophistication. These two qualities are definitely present at the heart of in these beautiful clutches, made from vintage Obi sashes, the most valuable piece of traditional Japanese Kimono. The proportion of the bags follow the rules of the Golden Ratio to achieve perfect harmony. Each piece is unique and individually numbered, presented in a traditional Paulownia wood box made specifically in Osaka by an artisan, official provider of the Imperial House of Japan. Sold around the world, these works of art are the epitome of cultured elegance.