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Jacquard Sweater

Regular price 83 KWD
Regular price 165.000 KWD Sale price 83.000 KWD

This 1980s-inspired design features an array of bold graphic motifs that echo traditional Japanese ceramics. This merino wool Sweater is made to look like two distinct vintage pieces put together. On one side, three vertical stripes break up the horizontal lines. The KENZO logo appears on the upper chest. A contrasting panel on the back creates a surprising effect.

• Merino wool blend Sweater.

• Ribbed V neck.

• All-over intarsia motifs.

• KENZO intarsia motif.


Enter the poetic, off-beat world of Kenzo... A brand infused with joy and positive energy, with colorful fabrics, its signature tiger motif and sophisticated creativity, this much-loved fashion house has been constantly celebrated over its half century of existence.