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Jungle Bumbag

Regular price 55 KWD
Regular price 109.000 KWD Sale price 55.000 KWD

This playful KENZO Jungle bumbag has a multifunctional design: four removable badges let you personalize it as the mood takes you. The badges feature the KENZO logo and artistic director Nigo's 'BOKE FLOWER'. Place them wherever you like on the monogrammed adhesive section. This bag also has multiple compartments, making it easy to organize your essentials. In the photo worn, a badge has been added to personalize the bag.

• Bumbag.

• Detachable badges including the KENZO logo and the 'BOKE FLOWER'.

• Monogrammed motif on the adhesive section.

• 2 outer zipped pockets.

• Inner card compartment.

• Monogrammed jacquard lining.

• Adjustable belt.

• Zip fastening.


Enter the poetic, off-beat world of Kenzo... A brand infused with joy and positive energy, with colorful fabrics, its signature tiger motif and sophisticated creativity, this much-loved fashion house has been constantly celebrated over its half century of existence.