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Jungle Rucksack Backpack

Regular price 74 KWD
Regular price 147.000 KWD Sale price 74.000 KWD

This KENZO Jungle rucksack is a fine example of military chic meets retro style. The small front pocket features an adhesive section decorated with iconic brand badges designed by Nigo.

• Rucksack.

• Detachable badges including the KENZO logo and the 'BOKE FLOWER'.

• Monogrammed motif on adhesive section.

• 1 handle.

• 1 inner flat pocket.

• 1 inner laptop compartment.

• Monogrammed jacquard lining.

• Adjustable straps.

• Zip fastening.


Enter the poetic, off-beat world of Kenzo... A brand infused with joy and positive energy, with colorful fabrics, its signature tiger motif and sophisticated creativity, this much-loved fashion house has been constantly celebrated over its half century of existence.