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Kenzoschool High Top Sneakers

Regular price 115 KWD
Regular price 115.000 KWD Sale price 115.000 KWD

These high-top trainers are adorned by the iconic 'BOKE FLOWER' motif. Artistic director Nigo uses this flower to forge a link between his identity and the iconic House poppy. The vintage aesthetic is modernized by a military-inspired plaque and ribbed details at the front reinforcement.

• High-top canvas trainers.

• 'BOKE FLOWER' crest and KENZO Paris logo embroidered on the outside.

• Military-inspired plaque.

• Ribbed details on the front of the sole.

• KENZO Paris logo on the back.

• KENZO Paris logo engraved on the bottom of the sole.

• Cotton lining.

• Fastened by laces and a zip.


Enter the poetic, off-beat world of Kenzo... A brand infused with joy and positive energy, with colorful fabrics, its signature tiger motif and sophisticated creativity, this much-loved fashion house has been constantly celebrated over its half century of existence.