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Love Ring In 925 Sterling Silver With Diamond - Size 11

Regular price 100 KWD
Regular price 120.000 KWD Sale price 100.000 KWD

Featuring poetic gems from Arabic literature, this ring is a treasure trove of deeply passionate words dedicated to your ‘One & Only’.

• 925 sterling silver

• Palladium plating

• 1 Natural Diamond ct. 0,01 – color G/H – Vs

• 6g

• Fits true to size

• Made in Italy

The Inscription:

Qaïs Ibn Al Mulawwah

أحب من الأسماءِ ما وافقَ اسمهاأو أشبهه أو كانَ منه مُدانيا

I love the names that sound like her name or even if they bear resemblance to it.

Qays’ love for Leyla Al Amiriya wasn’t an ordinary one. He grew very fond of her at an early age and wrote beautiful poetry inspired by her. Their love story soon became known throughout Najad (Saudi Arabia). But the two never got married and their love for one another remained immortalized in their hearts. They continued to exchange love poems and their love story left a unique mark on Arab literature. Their love story was featured in foreign novels and films way before Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Qays became “Leyla’s fool” and many consider


Deeply rooted in the Arab world, Ebbarra takes its inspiration from the power of the words to create beautiful jewelry pieces in Italian sterling silver. But these rings do more than just adorn the ones that wear them: they also represent something of personal significance. Highly personal within a universal message, the connection that its owner will feel with his or her ring will make it one that will be cherished forever.