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S Smooth Bra

Regular price 8 KWD
Regular price 16.000 KWD Sale price 8.000 KWD

• Sloggi ZERO FEEL SOFT BRA WITH Molded and removable cups to create a nicely rounded silhouette

• LYCRA® FitSense™ technology gives you unbelievable functional and comfortable support exactly where you need it

• Dot bonding technology generates seamless flexibility following every move you make

• The embedded back closure is super flat and you’ll barely even feel it there, so you can adjust it the way you want it without your clasp showing

• Smooth lines enhance the effect of flexible support while elastic back straps offer adaptable support and more flexibility for all sizes

• 70% Polyamide, 30% Elastane


Find out why regular customers rave about Sloggi and will never consider buying another brand.. While comfort is usually the first word that is mentioned in customers reviews, these products are also recognized for their softness, perfect fit, great support, and durability. You can be sure to get through your day without any kind of uncomfortable situation with this premium line of underwear.