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Soul Ring In 925 Sterling White Silver With Diamonds - Size 13

Regular price 150 KWD
Regular price 200.000 KWD Sale price 150.000 KWD

The Soul Collection features poetry that talks about universal truth and the search for meaning within oneself. Messages that although written for the world, will hold a unique personal significance for its wearer.

• 925 sterling silver

• 1 Natural Diamond ct. 0,01 – color G/H – Vs

• Palladium plating

• Width 10.6mm - 11.8mm

• Fits true to size

The Inscription:

Rabaa Al-Adawiya

I came to know love through Your love I’ve closed my heart to all but You

This beautiful verse by Sufi poet Rabaa Al Adawiya that expresses her deep adoration for God Almighty isperhaps the most renowned piece of Sufi poetry. Most of Rabaa’s poetic renditions revolve around her love and adoration for the Divine. This poem later sung by famous Egyptian singer Umm Kulthom, gained widespread popularity internationally.


Deeply rooted in the Arab world, Ebbarra takes its inspiration from the power of the words to create beautiful jewelry pieces in Italian sterling silver. But these rings do more than just adorn the ones that wear them: they also represent something of personal significance. Highly personal within a universal message, the connection that its owner will feel with his or her ring will make it one that will be cherished forever.