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Track Low Top Sneakers

Regular price 245 KWD
Regular price 238.000 KWD Sale price 245.000 KWD

Track Sneaker in white mesh and nylon.

• Track is made of nylon and mesh for a 100% non leather Sneaker

• Written size at the edge of the toe

• Track embossed at the back of the heel

• BB embossed on front of the outsole

• Logo printed on the exterior

• Logo embossed on the tongue

• Double laces knotted in a usual equipment way

• Back pull-on tab and tongue pull-on tab

• Dynamic sole design with an augmented back to propel feet forward

• Washed effect for a well-worn look


Mastering the trend of luxury street wear, Balenciaga has been responsible for some of the industry's wildest designs that have instantly achieve cult-status among celebrities and fashion influencers worldwide. These past few years this high fashion brand has reached unsurpassed level of popularity thanks to a marked emphasis on irreverence and polarizing aesthetics without sacrificing the modernity of comfort, functionality, and technicality.