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Hydrea London

Travel Anti Static Wood Hair Brush

Regular price 7 KWD
Regular price Sale price 7.000 KWD

A miniature, handbag sized brush. Crafted from sustainably sourced, Mediterranean Olive Wood. The rubber cushion prevents hair pulling for pain free brushing whilst the rounded wooden pins stimulate scalp circulation and prevent static build-up leaving hair feeling smooth, sleek and manageable.

• Handbag Size | Anti-Static | Premium Range

• Prevents static build-up

• Pneumatic rubber cushion to prevent hair pull

• Stimulates scalp circulation

• Length: 15.4cm Width: 6cm, Height: 3.8cm Weight: 29g

• Wood: Olive, Pins: Wooden. Cushion: Rubber

Hydrea London

Bring home that blissful Spa experience with this wide range of carefully designed and expertly crafted body care products. Winner of the Good Brand Award in 2021, Hydrea London is a trusted supplier to the professional spa and beauty industry. Designed to maximize the efficacy of your face and body care rituals, these products will leave you feeling thoroughly pampered from head to toe.

Hydrea London